2 Bedrooms flat/house with two bathrooms

2 Bedrooms flat/house with two bathrooms

 Some tenants leave a property as
clean and tidy as when they moved in ..... Some DO NOT! This is when you call us and
we will come and clean up after those messy people and restore the
premises back to the original state. In our End of tenancy cleaning we including: 


to include inside cupboards/cabinets, drawers, fridges and ovens/microwaves.
Top of kitchen cabinets where applicable. Floors/skirtings and wall tiles. Anti
Bacterial surface cleaning to all work tops and surfaces. Clean and sanitize
sinks / waste disposals. Use quality Chrome Cleaner on any chrome appliances
ie: kettles, toasters, coffee machines etc. Empty and remove rubbish from bins. Please note the freezer must be defrost. BATHROOMS/SHOWERS/WET ROOMS: Clean and sanitize toilets/bidets, sinks, baths and showers.
Clean floors/skirtings, wall tiles, mirrors and vanity units. By client
request: Replace toiletries ie: soap, toothpaste and toilet rolls. Empty
waste/pedal bins. 


Cleaning the skirting boards and doors, dusting and polish
the rest. 

Vacuum carpets and upholstery. Remove all cobwebs from

WINDOW FITTINGS: Dust and clean curtain rails/poles. Vacuum curtains or
drapes. NB: Removal of curtains/drapes by client only. WINDOW CLEANING 

Inside only


Carpets Freshen up. Can be shampooed on request. 

more information please contact our team. 

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