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Recommended by 27 people
Recommended by 27 people
Very happy with a full spring clean service. It’s pricier than the previous company I have used, but for that money we got about twice as many hours...  Read more
Nov 4, 2023
Clara Nissen
My experience with EML cleaning for regular cleaning was very positive. Miglena was always fast responding and professional. Her cleaners were...  Read more
Feb 24, 2023
Wei Ba
Miglena was super professional and my carpet was impeccable! Im really recommend even in planning to use another services . Many thanks 
Feb 2, 2023
Stella Pelissari
Reasonably priced and very professional 
Oct 26, 2022
Emma Arden
EML cleaning company And her staff is a very reliable and hard working people c. Do their job professionally and effectively. We are pleased with...  Read more
Sep 3, 2022
Mehmet Ozturk (MO ASSOCIATES)
Miglena and their employees were extremely professional from the very start and made us feel that we are heard in what we wanted and how we wanted...  Read more
Jun 21, 2022
ana b

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